Read This Before You Buy Trailer Tyres

Trailer tyresTrailer tyres are specially designed to provide less flex and reduced trailer sway, especially when rounding a corner or driving through cross-winds. However, there is no real difference between regular car tyres and trailer tyres. Both are available as either cross-ply or radial-ply but you cannot legally mix the two on a single axle.

Trailer tyres generally have a lifespan of just five years after which you should replace them though they might last for as long as seven years. The most common tyres for trailers are of ST225/75R15.ST size. The ST in the tyre size refers to the special trailer and it also shows that the tyres are designed for use on a trailer. 225 refers to the tyre’s width in millimetres and 75 is the height of the sidewall which represents a percentage of the tread width.

Parabolic springs

off road trailer hitchParabolic springs are a better technology as compared to standard leaf springs. The parabolic springs have leaves that work independently and so require less material for a certain load bearing spring. In fact, these springs use about 35 percent less raw material as compared with the same capacity leaf.

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